Christian Social services Commission in collaboration with the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is implementing the Fighting Inequality (FI) project aiming at promoting equality in Tanzania. Fighting Inequality (FI) program focuses on addressing and advocating for the revenues accrued to be used for financing social protection schemes, specifically on Universal Health Coverage as a locomotive. The program ensures that all citizens equally benefit from revenue that is accrued. It applies functional and constructive dialogue with policy makers to ensure tax policies and laws are broadened to increase revenues for funding universal health coverage. Furthermore, the program ensures that Duty-bearers are influenced to increase finance for and spending to reduce poverty and inequality which mainly is achieved through engaging faith actors.

Project Beneficiaries

The projects target religious leaders and Faith based Health facilities as the main beneficiaries with the major goal of ensuring communities, including the vulnerable and marginalized, access quality healthcare services.

Project Coverage
Region Council
KilimanjaroHai and Siha
ManyaraBabatia and Mbulu
PwaniKibiti and Rufiji
LindiKilwa, Lindi and Mtama
Project Outputs

  • Faith actors are strengthened for policy engagement and advocacy for increased health financing.
  • Spaces for multi stakeholder engagement are utilized for dialogue on health financing
  • Rights holders are mobilized for health insurance.

Fighting Inequality Program Approaches

To achieve Project goals the project conducts sensitization to rights holders and carries out several forums on policies, concerns and opinions of rights holders and duty bearers regarding health finance.

Project Outcome

  • Duty Bearers are influenced to increase finance for and spending to reduce poverty and inequality
  • Communities are mobilized for just resource governance.